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The River of History, Holds Peace

2022.10.10.(Mon) - 2022.10.31(Mon)
We invite you to the 2022 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival!


2022 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

Special Events

Enjoy 6 special events at the
2022 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival!


Lighting of the Dusk


Lanterns Symbolizing Eup,Myeon and Dong Street Parade


Water Multimedia Fireworks Show


Drone Light Show


Media Art GALAXY Show



2022 Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

#Jinjuseong Fortress

#Jinjuseong Fortress

Lighting of the Dusk

The first time all the lanterns on exhibit at the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Celebration are lit up, the festival officially begins. A single spark of "water, fire, light and our hope" emerges through the nightwhen Jinju residents and visitors count together with one heart and one will. At the same time,the Namgang River's lanterns, which had been briefly submerged in stillness, begin to glow.Additionally, you can take pleasure in the enthralling fireworks display.

#Jinjuseong Fortress

Hanging Lanterns of Hope

The Namgang River is embroidered with 40,000 lanterns of hope, each with its own longing story.

#Namgang riverside across from Chokseongnu Pavilion, Jinjuseong Fortress

Floating Yudeung

If you have a sincere desire such as "I want to ace my college entrance exam" or "I want to get married" that you hold dear to your heart, you can write it down on a Yudeung and float it right down the Namgang River. The lanterns of hope may be seen glowing brilliantly as it flows slowly over the Namgang River. Participation fee: 3000 won per lantern

#Jinjuseong Fortress

Floating Lanterns of Memories

The original program Floating Lanterns of Memories,' which became the theme of the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, earned the Best New Program Award' at the 2014 Pinnacle Awards Korean Competi-tion.

#Between Jinjugyo Bridge and Mangjinnaru

Theme Zone and Exhibition of Lanterns of Korean Beauty

Pomegranate blooms, Jinju's city flower, are decorated with little clusters of lanterns, and various themes are embroidered on the Namgang River on an autumn night, such as lanterns representing Korean beauty, modern lights with the theme of hope and youth, and so on.

#Street of History in Manggyeong-dong

Exhibiting Creative Lanterns

It displays lanterns with brilliant ideas and one-of-a-kind creations. The handmade crafts of Jiniu locals and students might appear sloppy and frivolous, yet you can get a glimpse of the satire and humor of the Jinju people.

#Jinjuseong Fortress

Jinjuseong Fortress Revived with Lights

Lantern of Peace, Dance of Jinju-Moonlight Journey, Healing Zone, History Zone, Memory Zone, Lovers Zone

#Lanterns of Music Fountain

Fairytale Land

Lanterns represent the village where dwarfs and fairies reside in mushroom-shaped cottages. The adorable kids zone not only fosters children's imaginations, but it also deepens adults' hearts for innocence.

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